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Corporate Wellness Programmes


Corporate Wellness Programmes

Are you looking to create a work environment where your employees are motivated to stay in good health?   These workplace programs are designed by registered dietitians to assist employees in reducing health risks such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, assist in achieving a healthy weight, reduce the risk of developing lifestyle diseases and improve overall health through good nutrition and physical exercise.


Lunch n’ Learn

Got an hour to spare? Our interactive 1-hour Lunch n’ Learn sessions are the perfect fit as your company and employees will surely benefit from our motivating, solution-based nutrition presentations. These sessions are tailored to topics that your employees want to hear about and will benefit them in the work place.

Make your next Lunch n’ Learn unforgettable by bringing in an expert speaker from Purple Carrot Nutrition. Our registered dietitians guarantee a fun and informative experience for your workplace! Email us for a list of suggested topics.

Corporate House Calls - Onsite Dietitian Services

Are you looking to create a healthier work environment within your company? Our corporate ‘house calls’ can help motivate your employees to develop healthier habits, assist them in increasing their energy levels all the while reducing their stress levels and improving their overall work-life balance.

Purple Carrot Nutrition’s registered dietitians will meet one-on-one with your employees for a nutrition counselling sessions in a private conference room in your office space.

These mini appointments are private and confidential. Our solution-based approach will not only motivate your employees but provide them with real solutions to their nutrition challenges.

We have a variety of services that we offer to complement your workplace wellness program, or we can tailor our nutrition sessions to topics your employee’s interests.



Cooking Demonstrations

Have you ever thought about taking corporate nutrition to the next level by bringing in a professional chef who is versed in culinary nutrition to demonstrate recipes that will benefit both employee health and company productivity?

2 recipes are covered in 1 hour and all materials and equipment are provided. Food ingredients, serving utensils and recipe cards are also supplied.

Group Wellness Challenges

Group wellness challenges can be a great way to get your staff and team excited about improving their health. Sometimes a little bit of HEALTHY competition can be just the thing your company needs to get the ball rolling.

Health and wellness challenges a great way to engage your staff in your workplace health initiatives. 

We would love to work with you to help create a fun and challenging program for your company.

Guest Speaker for Webinars and Wellness Summits

We love hosting webinars or being guest speakers at Wellness Summits! If you have a program or an event that you would like a registered dietitian to participate in, please let us know. We have experts in all areas of nutrition and would be excited to be part of your event!

Additional Workplace Services

Purple Carrot Nutrition is able to provide your organization with additional services including:

  • Group Sessions (for groups larger than 50)

  • Health Displays – interactive presentation of nutrition and health information

  • Workplace Canteen/Café Menu Assessments – nutritional menu assessment plus recommendations for improvement

Ready to set up a Corporate Wellness session? Great!

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I attended a TED Trade School Talk by Janelle Zakour on 'How to Navigate Nutrition during the Christmas season' and found the content to be interesting and creative. I especially enjoyed the practical tips and tricks to eat less, as well as the stories she shared from her life and interacting with clients, which made the content come to life in a more practical way. The recipes and substitute ingredients for some of our local holiday favorites, especially for those afflicted with common ailments also proved useful for our enjoyment of these treats minus the calories, fat, excess sugar and salt.

It was a good reminder and introduction to new and old healthy eating habits and tips that are a must in today's fast paced and technologically driven world. From interacting with Janelle via email following the mini-workshop, I realized there is a powerhouse behind the gentle smile and seemingly carefree nature. As a former athlete, she is passionate about nutrition and all things food and food-related. She was humble and grateful in receiving feedback and ideas and sharing more of her knowledge and experience in the field. I look forward to learning more and watching her business and career blossom. All the best.

Carolyn Correia - Author | Speaker | Communications Consultant