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Frequently Asked Questions

what is the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist?

The difference lies in the depth, scope, length, and type of formal education and training. The term 'nutritionist' is not a regulated term, so technically, anyone can call himself or herself a nutritionist, even with no formal training or certification.

Dietitian, specifically registered dietitian (noted by RD after one’s name), has a specific meaning.
That title requires:

  1. A minimum of a four year college degree from an accredited university’s program that includes specific course work in human physiology, nutrition science, and other sciences

  2. A 1,200 hour postgraduate supervised internship practicum

  3. Passing advanced clinical, community and foodservice examinations

  4. Completing ongoing continuing education.

  5. Being held to a professional code of ethics.

You can read more about this in the blog post here.

In Trinidad & Tobago, you can search for credible and registered health practitioners in the Council of Professions Related to Medicine website. 

how are sessions conducted?

We are currently only able to see persons in clinic at this time. Follow-up sessions may be conducted online.

At-home visits are provided only for clients who are physically unable to make the trip to the clinic. A physician's referral is required for this service.

Are follow-up consultations really necessary?

Follow-ups are encouraged to ensure client accountability and keep the client motivated to achieve their lifestyle goals. If there are questions or concerns about a nutrition plan, they can be addressed during the follow-up. 

BONUS: As part of the follow-up packages, you can exchange a follow-up session for a 30-minute grocery store tour. Here, the client and the dietitian walk through the store together, discuss how to read food labels and why some options are better than others. A great benefit here is that quick nutritious meals and snack ideas can be brainstormed on the fly! (You must have attended at least 1 follow-up to be eligible for this bonus.)

will i feel hungry on these plans?

Absolutely not! You will be fuelling with high energy, nutrient-dense foods to keep you full and satiated for hours. In fact, clients will be consuming more food than they are used to while seeing results. 

What are the opening hours?

Standard working hours are in effect from Monday to Friday through the hours of 8 am to 4 pm. Clients who are not able to visit during these hours are able to attend after-work sessions as per the dietitian’s availability and at an additional cost of TTD$50 added to the package fee.

Special appointment considerations are made during the school term for children and teenagers who may not be able to attend consultations during the week.

We are closed on Saturdays until the month of December 2018.

Please note that there is a cancellation policy in effect. You can read more here.

How are payments made?

Acceptable payments at this time are through cash, personal cheque and direct deposit.

Provisions for credit card payments will be provided within the coming months.

The client is responsible for using all appointments purchased. Sessions expire 1 year from initial purchase date. Please note that a financial penalty will be applied if appointments are not cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment.

are payment plans offered?

This is currently only available for the Thrive package.

can i gift sessions or packages?

Indeed you can! Gift certificates are available upon request. Price reductions for gift certificates are seasonally available.


Where is the office located?

We are temporarily located at Room 1A #13 Anderson Terrace, Maraval. 

If coming from the Savannah: drive along Boissiere Village, past Ellerslie Plaza until you see Pizza Boys directly in front of you. Anderson Terrace is the road directly between Pizza Boys (on the left) and the Guardian Life Rock (on the right). There is a road sign. Drive along that road, past the Fitness Centre and keep left. The building is on the left hand side and before the park.

If coming from Long Circular Road: Continue along Long Circular Road until you see the roundabout. You are taking the second exit. Turn left onto Anderson Terrace (Pizza Boys will be on your left) and follow the road past the Fitness Centre and keep left. The building is on the left hand side and before the park.

If coming from Saddle Road: Turn left onto the road that is directly opposite Adams Bakery and keep right. The building will be on your right hand side just after the park.