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Consultation Details


Initial Consultation

         Consultation Details

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This is a 60 minute consultation. It includes:

  • Lifestyle history

  • Detailed medical and pharmaceutical history

  • Detailed dietary history, eating habits and patterns, favourite foods etc.

  • Physical measurements

Second Consultation

This is another 60 minute consultation and will be scheduled 2-3 days after your Initial Consultation. You will be provided with a personalised plan which includes:

  • Education: Caribbean Food Groups, balancing meals, portion control and medical nutrition therapy to help manage your condition

  • An in-depth discussion and explanation regarding your lifestyle plan

  • A personalized meal plan and sample 3-day menu

  • Goal setting (dietary and exercise)

  • Appropriate recipes and shopping list

Follow-Up Consultations

It is recommended to follow-up with your dietitian every 3 to 4 weeks to ensure that your prescribed plan is effective. These 30 minute sessions are encouraged to keep you motivated to achieve your goals and help you overcome any barriers you may be experiencing. At least 1 follow-up session is included in every Nutrition Package.

During these visits you will:

  • Repeat any measurements (weight, waist circumference, body composition analysis)

  • Review any dietary tracking analysis

  • Confirm that the recommended plan is working for your lifestyle

  • Provide support and ongoing education

Follow-up consultations can also be exchanged for a 30-minute grocery store tour. Here, the client and the dietitian walk through the store together, discuss how to read food labels and why some options are better than others. A great benefit here is that quick nutritious meals and snack ideas can be brainstormed on the fly! (This option is currently only available for clients in North-West Trinidad.)

Group Consultations ( Couple / Family / Friend )

Having someone to hold you accountable is helpful when you are trying to achieve a particular goal and being on the same page can make the process of changing habits that much easier. Bringing a spouse, family member or friend to your nutrition session is a partner-approach to meeting goals.
You will:

  • Discuss your individual strengths and challenges, as well as those faced as a partnership

  • Plan to manage any health conditions (especially if your partner or another family member does most of the grocery shopping and meal preparation)

  • Change your lifestyle together with similar goals (i.e. weight loss)

Pantry Makeover

Kick-start healthy eating in your household. You will:

  • Go through your refrigerator and pantry with the dietitian

  • Identify any items that hold you back from your goals

  • Create a list of nutritious alternatives

  • Come out of the session with a plan to make your kitchen healthy, along with a personalized grocery list to help restock your shelves

Guided Grocery Store Tour

On the 50-minute grocery tour, you will be guided to navigate through your favourite store.
Learn how to:

  • Read food labels

  • Make better food choices

  • Find new ingredients and pick out healthy on-the-go options

  • Review grocery shopping and meal planning tips

  • Leave with a restocked pantry and a meal plan for the week

(Guided Grocery Store Tours and Pantry Makeovers are currently only available in Trinidad and Tobago)

Nutrition Packages

1. Nourish

  • Initial Consultation

  • Second Consultation

  • 1 Follow-Up Consultation

2. Vitality

  • Initial Consultation

  • Second Consultation

  • 1 Follow-Up Consultation

  • Guided Grocery Store Tour

3. thrive

  • Initial Consultation

  • Second Consultation

  • 2 Follow-Up Consultations

  • Pantry Makeover

  • Guided Grocery Store Tour

4. Couple/Family

This package involves either the Nourish, Vitality or Thrive at reduced rates for yourself and your partner

5. Follow up A la carte

Supplement your health journey with additional follow-up sessions! These take place every 3 to 4 weeks and are available on a per appointment basis or in reduced rate bundles

  • Single 30-minute follow-up session

  • 3 follow-up bundle sessions (reduced rate)

  • 6 follow-up bundle sessions (reduced rate)

  • 10 follow-up bundle sessions (reduced rate)

  • 1 year of follow-up sessions (reduced rate)

    Available online

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